Embracing Change: My Incredible Journey with Invevo in the Australian and APAC Market

Invevo sits down with Nadine Bucher to discuss her journey with Invevo so far

Embracing Change: My Incredible Journey with Invevo in the Australian and APAC Market

As you might already know, just over a year ago, Invevo embarked on an exciting journey and recently expanded into the Australian and APAC market. Last month we welcomed Nadine Bucher to our Aus Team as Regional Head of Sales to help take Invevo to new heights in the region!

In her first month at Invevo, Nadine experienced the thrill of venturing into a new realm, leaving behind the comfort of a long-standing company and embracing the winds of change. In this blog post, we sat down with Nadine to reflect on her short time here at Invevo so far and what she hopes to bring to our fast-growing team.

Stepping into the Unknown

“Wow, what an incredible first month it has been since joining Invevo! After spending nearly 13 years in a completely different industry, the shift has been nothing short of eye-opening. They say change is as good as a holiday, but I can confidently say it's even better!”

“Leaving behind the comfort of a long-standing company and venturing into a new realm was both thrilling and challenging. The decision to embrace this change opened doors to a world of opportunities with Invevo.”

Here at Invevo, we strive to make our workplace culture full of innovation and that's why we aim to empower our new team members to push boundaries and be curious. To read more about the importance of culture in Tech and at Invevo, read our previous blog post.

Unveiling Invevo

Within her first week, Nadine found herself attending a conference in Darwin, reconnecting with her network and old friends within the Strata industry. The real challenge arrived when Nadine had to introduce Invevo's groundbreaking software only two days into her new role.

Nadine connecting with some old friends at the Strata Conference

“The knowledge of their systems, internal pain points and workflows did ease the process allowing me to confidently (I hope) describe how Invevo could streamline their processes and provide a comprehensive solution for all stakeholders involved!”

We asked Nadine what her standout moment from her time here and she explained her introduction to our Lifecycle Management System.

“This innovative solution has the potential to transform how principals, Strata managers, administrators, compliance teams, insurance providers, legal/collection agencies, and lot owners work together. By offering a single source of truth, Invevo empowers organisations to streamline their workflows and boost their efficiency.”
Expanding Horizons

As her journey continued, Nadine attended the Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Event in Melbourne.

“Although I had been there once before, this time I approached it with renewed curiosity. The delegates I met were all friendly and open for a chat, and I soaked up invaluable insights about various organisations' internal processes, from local heroes to our friends across the ditch in NZ and even Singapore!”

Building Connections

Throughout her exploration, Nadine had the opportunity to connect with professionals from diverse industries such as superannuation, debt collection, credit, and local government.

“Engaging with these individuals deepened my confidence in Invevo's ability to cater to a wide range of needs within my network. The excitement is mounting as I’m eager to have more conversations and opportunities to introduce Invevo's versatile solutions.”

A Promising Future: Reshaping the Australian and APAC Market

Reflecting on her remarkable first month, Nadine brimmed with anticipation for the promising future of Invevo in the Australian and APAC market.

“The real fun is just beginning! I can't wait to share the exceptional versatility of Invevo and witness its transformative impact on organisations across various industries.”

So, join us with Nadine and Ian on this thrilling journey as we reshape the landscape together!