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Invevo's task management dashboard which provides receivables teams with a all-in-one workspace
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What We Do

Monitor and manage every customer's credit risk

Track every customer's credit risk in real-time and automate decisions to manage credit exposure.

Automate 80% of your receivables with Invevo

A workflow engine that enables you to configure any combination of workflow processes with automated communications to increase cash collection performance.

Improve user collections performance and dispute resolution

Powered by our receivables automation, the Invevo platform provides users with a tailored workspace to complete prioritised collection and dispute resolution tasks.


Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our users say.

Elisabeth Doppelhofer

Head of Shared Services at Adecco

With Invevo, we’ve gained the live credit information and business insight needed to make data-informed decisions, be proactive rather than reactive, deliver money in the bank and keep Adecco ahead of the competition.

Anna Morris

Global Process Owner at Informa

Our accounts teams can finally follow a consistent and easily traceable process regardless of where they’re based or which part of the business they work in.

Allen Marlborough

Head of Credit Management
at City Plumbing

Thanks to Invevo, we are no longer struggling to force an outdated system to keep up with our changing business needs. The bespoke nature of their solution also means that we are equipped with everything we need to run a more efficient business, without paying for any features we wouldn’t need or use.

Simon Waldeck

Working Capital Manager
at Schindler Ltd.

The ability to hone in on an account, see the client’s full history and quickly review any potential issues is really helpful for me as a manager. Invevo has saved valuable time for both myself and my team.

Our users are ahead
of the competition

"With Invevo, we gained the live credit information and business insight to make data-informed decisions which enabled us to be proactive rather than reactive, to deliver cash in the bank and keep Adecco ahead of the competition."

Elisabeth Doppelhofer

Head of Shared Services at Adecco UK & Ireland
30 day
DSO improvement
Collected Period vs Predicted Period

Why our customers choose us

Financial teams that choose Invevo are guaranteed to reduce debt across their portfolios and lower costs

Quick deployment that requires little IT time

Invevo can deploy and configure your new system in a matter of weeks.

This is faster than any of our competitors and guarantees your team improvement in a short amount of time.

A tailored user experience that increases productivity

The Invevo User Experience is how we ensure that your platform is performing the way you need it to.

Automated communication and document delivery to customers

Via multi-channel sms, email, post, portal in any language across the globe.

Revolutionary technology that is affordable

Invevo charges per active customer in the system with unlimited user licenses.

Real-time data insights to drive user productivity improvements

Track task completion performance to ensure that your users meet performance KPI’s.

A dedicated credit management expert and world-class product support

Our team of experts are with you and your team every step of the way to ensure that Invevo is configured to your unique needs.

It's easy to get started

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We integrate with your systems to ingest all of the data you need

Invevo integrates seamlessly with your existing ERPs, accounting solutions & payment gateways. The list of integrations continues to grow to fit your requirements as you scale. No more siloed data across multiple platforms.

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Quick speed of deployment for SMEs

Our industry-leading tech allows for our system to be mapped and configured to your needs quicker than anyone else on the market.

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Deliver an unparalleled customer experience

Invevo offers your customers an easy-to-access self-service customer portal to provide a transparent and smooth customer experience.

Average client debt improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Invevo?

Cashflow drives working capital and credit management protects against credit risk exposure which is vital to sustained business success. The number one reason for business failure is poor cashflow performance and a lack of working capital.

Invevo is a custom built credit management platform that helps businesses to automate up to 80% of their accounts receivables and collect payments quickly and efficiently whilst monitoring your customers against potential credit risk failure.

If you have over 50 customers and issue invoices with payment terms then you need a system like Invevo.

Does Invevo have a customer payment portal?

Yes, we do!

How quickly will I see a return on investment?

Typically, our customers see a return on investment within the first two months

How long before I can start using Invevo?

Invevo can deploy and configure your new system in a matter of weeks.

Do I need a team of credit controllers to use Invevo?

Invevo will drive efficiency for all businesses big or small. Whether you have 1 controller or 100.

How much does Invevo cost?

We offer Invevo at a competitive price. However, the exact cost will depend on the size of your customer base.

Invevo charge per active customer in the system with unlimited user licenses.

Can I build my own workflows in Invevo?

Of course. Our workflow engine is completely customisable and easy to configure.

Is Invevo suitable for the less IT-savvy user?

Absolutely. Invevo's user interface has been designed in a way so that it's extremely simple to navigate.