Invevo’s Australian Adventure: From Connections to New Horizons

Invevo follows our Regional Director as he explores our journey in Australia
Ian Clark
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Venturing into uncharted territories and expanding a business to a new region is no small feat. The decision to expand comes with inherent risks, unfamiliar market dynamics, cultural nuances, and competitive landscapes. But ultimately, allows a business to tap into new customer bases, establish a global presence, and unlock a competitive edge.

Just over a year ago, Invevo embarked on an exciting journey as we began our expansion into the Australian and APAC region. This remarkable strategic move was led by our Regional Director Ian Clark, and aimed to enhance our presence in the region and offer our clients in Australia and the APAC region our cutting-edge platform.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge about the business, Ian has propelled Invevo to new heights, positioning the company as a key player in the Australian business landscape. Follow along with this blog series to explore our journey in Australia and have access to some behind-the-scenes content with Ian and our recently appointed Regional Head of Sales, Nadine Bucher.

Building Connections and Scoping the Scene

We sat down with Ian to discuss Invevo’s journey so far down under:

“Bringing Invevo over here was a risk, but we knew there was a market for our transformative technology in this region. Before we even landed, I wanted to hit the ground running, armed with knowledge about the local market. The team reached out to industry experts, seeking their wisdom on everything from pitfalls to competitors and what the market was craving. It was like creating our own little black book of Australian insights, ensuring we had a clear understanding of what awaited us in this vibrant new territory.

For Ian, Australia offers much more than just an exciting business opportunity.

“When my family and I decided to move to Australia, we were thrilled with being able to reconnect with our familial roots since my wife grew up two streets over to our current home in Sydney. Plus, my body isn’t built for a cold climate so emigrating here seemed like a perfect option from every angle”.

My beautiful view on my morning commute to Sydney

Unleashing Invevo's Full Potential

“Let's also remember the versatility of Invevo. While credit control has been our bread and butter, we're discovering new use cases and uncovering the hidden potential of our software over here. It's a testament to the fact that Invevo is not limited to one niche but can revolutionise various processes, making it a must-have solution for businesses across a diverse range of industries.”

At Invevo, our primary goal is to revolutionise the management of the receivables lifecycle by orchestrating and automating every step of the process, from onboarding to payments.

The receivables lifecycle encompasses the entire journey of an organisation's outstanding invoices, starting from the moment a customer is onboarded to the point when payments are received. Traditionally, this lifecycle has been burdened with manual tasks, including data entry, invoice generation, payment tracking, and reconciliation. However, we recognise the pressing need to eliminate these manual processes and replace them with seamless automation.

By doing so, we streamline operations, reduce errors, enhance efficiency, and ultimately improve cash flow for businesses. Our cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions empower organisations to focus on strategic decision-making and customer relationships rather than getting entangled in time-consuming administrative tasks. With Invevo, businesses can unlock the true potential of their receivables lifecycle and pave the way for a more productive and profitable future.

The Power of the Right Hire: Enter Nadine

For the next 12 months, I focused on networking and attending events, including Intersekt 2022, which helped us to better understand the market we want to serve. To watch a quick video about our experience at the event, view my LinkedIn post here!

We were building relationships and trying to understand what the market was looking for. Eventually, we started to see success and I made connections with a Debt Collection Agency in Melbourne, and we started working together alongside building several partnerships in the area.

That's when I knew we needed to bring in our talented Head of Sales, Nadine Bucher.

We knew we needed a sales superstar to propel Invevo's growth in Australia, someone who could take us to new heights. With Nadine’s extensive experience and an impressive little black book of clients she'd spent over a decade cultivating, we knew she would be a great fit for Invevo’s culture. Nadine's arrival marked a turning point for us, and I'm beyond excited to witness the magic she'll bring to Invevo's journey in Australia.

Nadine and I enjoying our first team lunch...a nice little Nepalese curry

“I am looking forward to being part of a dynamic and innovative company that is revolutionising the way businesses manage their receivables processes, from onboarding to payments" Nadine posted to the world. To read Nadine’s full introduction to the company, view her LinkedIn post here!

Expanding Horizons and Future Ventures

With Nadine on board, our focus has shifted to expanding our reach and making our presence known in the Australian and APAC region. We're leveraging our time here to also support regional rollouts, like Adecco in Australia and New Zealand. Being on the ground allows us to manage projects effectively and establish local reference bases, giving us a competitive edge.

We’re now focused on expanding our partner network, empowering more resellers to bring Invevo's innovation to the region and we have some exciting prospects in the pipeline which I’m excited to progress with Nadine on our team.

We’re only just getting started here in Australia and we're eyeing key hires in areas like help desk support, project management, and sales. With a rock-solid team and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Invevo is ready to take the Australian market by storm!

Nads and I chatting through the plan for our most recent event - Strata 2023

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