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Nov 18, 2021

Invevo Values

At Invevo, we’re all about embodying our values in everything we do.

At Invevo, we’re all about embodying our values in everything we do. From our work culture, our products to the way we maintain our client relationships. We live and breathe our values because doing so sets us apart, and they’re what’s allowed us to change the landscape of customer financial management forever - that and an epic set of products!

To innovate

What does it mean to innovate? 

Well, at Invevo, it means changing up the status quo. We saw how businesses were wasting time and money struggling over their account receivables and collection processes. They were spending far too much time worrying about unlocking their cash flow and had less time to think about their businesses. 

We thought to ourselves: “hmm, that’s enough of that. Let’s make something better.” 

Fast forward to today, and we have created the FIRST Financial CRM that has 15,000 users globally, processes 80 million transactions every month and has connected over 1 million customers. 

Our automation software gives our clients one less thing to worry about, so they can grow and expand with confidence. We’d say that’s pretty innovative.  

Invevo Innovator Award


We encourage innovative thinking in everything we do and wanted a way to recognise the hard work and dedication our teams put into delivering incredible results. Enter our monthly Invevo Innovator Award! An opportunity to celebrate employees across the teams that deserve to be recognised. Job well done.

To excite our customers with new ideas  


You might be thinking that automation isn’t anything new. And, you’d be right. But the way we do it at Invevo is a little bit different. 

As the industry’s first Financial CRM solution, we had the idea to provide businesses across the globe with automation software that gave them back control over their financial management. 

With a combination of seamless integration, cutting-edge technology and an unparalleled understanding of the market, our five key products are taking the finance industry by storm. From credit risk management, cash collections, accounts receivables, payment solutions through to workflow management and connected cloud communications solutions - we’ve got it covered. 

And it doesn’t stop there. We are consistently working to improve, tweak and add to our existing product line, so we can make our customers’ lives even easier. 

To build long-lasting partnerships

We’re all about building solid, long-lasting relationships here at Invevo. Whether that’s with our community of 15,000 customers, amongst our friendly and professional staff or with our Invevo Ambassadors and Introducers. We know the value of creating the opportunity for people to be part of the Invevo community and play a part in the future of financial CRM.

What are Invevo Ambassadors and Introducers?

Our two schemes provide the necessary knowledge, training and support for people to build their own long-term relationships with customers, and are an exciting opportunity to invest in both parties’ success. 


Our Invevo Ambassadors focus on promoting the Invevo platform to customers to improve cash flow, efficiency, accuracy and visibility throughout their order to cash processes.

Thanks to full training, anyone can become a certified Ambassador armed with the necessary knowledge and resources to build and maintain long-term relationships with customers worldwide.

“I have worked in credit and risk management for many years, and I wanted to promote a product that understood the unique needs of every user. Invevo’s ethos of building partnerships with their customers was one of the key aspects to become an ambassador.”


Our Invevo Introducers do exactly as the name suggests. They are responsible for introducing potential customers to the Invevo Product Specialists who will help them every step of the way to software implementation.

“I have always been mindful of introducing my network to possible suppliers, but with Invevo, I can safely say that I know my contacts are getting the best possible solution. Their team of experts and easy to configure software drives rapid ROI means it didn’t take long for my contacts to be thanking me for the introduction.”

Want to see how you can benefit from our Invevo values? Get in touch with the Invevo team to request your FREE demo today. 

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    Our unique data integration with Experian creates an automated workflow across your entire customer base.

Overview of Invevo Pay

2021-09-24 00:00:00

Overview of Invevo Pay

Our unique data integration with Experian creates an automated workflow across your entire customer base.

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