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Invevo Collect


Get greater collection efficiency


Improve cash collection


Reduce operational costs


rapid ROI

Our event-driven workflow monitors your customer’s behaviour and data changes, offering financial and behavioural insights to improve your collection strategies and increase efficiency.

What does this mean for you?

Automated collection decisions across your entire customer base, so your workflow strategies are optimised every day. We remove unnecessary calls to improve cash collections and reduce costs.

Invevo Collect helps business deliver

Automation and Communication

  • We automate your communications and/or dunnings to customers, so nothing is ever forgotten or missed
  • Make sure your customers understand you and receive your messages with multi- language and multi-channel communications
  • Keep track of everything via our Customer Payment Portal - Invevo Pay
  • We provide segmented collection strategies to help you drive more targeted actions • Easily manage your collections for group accounts such as ‘sold to’ and ‘bill to’

Task Management

  • We help you prioritise user tasks by removing any unnecessary actions saving you time, and money
  • Make sure you always follow up after task completion with automated escalations
  • Our notifications service keeps all users up to date with key tasks
  • Our task management dashboards monitor user performance and productivity, making it simple to distribute tasks to individual users and user groups

Dispute Management

  • We automate dispute assignment and escalation at the invoice and line-item level
  • Update any transactions in dispute and auto- create tasks for resolution in one go, saving you time and money
  • Configure workflow treatment strategies for each dispute code
  • Insights into the performance of your dispute resolutions help you continually improve your dispute management strategies

A dispute management module that enable users to raise, review and resolve disputes at transaction or customer level with automated escalations if the dispute has not been resolved.

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A task management module so that you can configure and assign tasks to users with automated escalations if the task has not been completed.

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Group accounts with a child, parent and grandparent structure that enables you to link customers to groups and navigate between the members to manage risk, limits and collections.

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