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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Invevo?

Cashflow drives working capital and credit management protects against credit risk exposure which is vital to sustained business success. The number one reason for business failure is poor cashflow performance and a lack of working capital.

Invevo is a custom built credit management platform that helps businesses to automate up to 80% of their accounts receivables and collect payments quickly and efficiently whilst monitoring your customers against potential credit risk failure.

If you have over 50 customers and issue invoices with payment terms then you need a system like Invevo.

Does Invevo have a customer payment portal?

Yes, we do!

How quickly will I see a return on investment?

Typically, our customers see a return on investment within the first two months

How long before I can start using Invevo?

Invevo can deploy and configure your new system in a matter of weeks.

Do I need a team of credit controllers to use Invevo?

Invevo will drive efficiency for all businesses big or small. Whether you have 1 controller or 100.

How much does Invevo cost?

We offer Invevo at a competitive price. However, the exact cost will depend on the size of your customer base.

Invevo charge per active customer in the system with unlimited user licenses.

Can I build my own workflows in Invevo?

Of course. Our workflow engine is completely customisable and easy to configure.

Is Invevo suitable for the less IT-savvy user?

Absolutely. Invevo's user interface has been designed in a way so that it's extremely simple to navigate.