How Invevo Revolutionised Schindler's Accounts Receivables Process

Simon Waldeck
Networking Capital Manager at Schindler
Simon Waldeck

At a Glance

Schindler manufactures, installs and maintains elevators, escalators and moving walks worldwide, transporting more than 1.5 billion people every day across a wide variety of industries. Schindler’s accounts receivables teams, based both in the UK and abroad, are responsible for managing a huge number of clients from across the globe.

Schindler was looking to establish a more flexible and thorough accounts receivables process. Since working with Invevo, Schindler Account Managers have greater visibility of their accounts receivables process, with a clear workflow and simpler reporting system.


Before working with Invevo, Schindler was required to adopt applications from the wider global group, that although working well for the wider business, were unsuitable at a local level and not appropriate for the needs of UK customers.

Specifically, Schindler’s team struggled to maintain their database, produce clear and concise reports, and access the exact historical information they needed about a client at any time.

How Invevo Helped

Thanks to Invevo, Schindler has introduced an accounts receivable system that can be used across the board to maintain client records, manage complex tasks, produce centralised reports, and resolve accounts issues –

all whilst saving valuable time.

As some members of Schindler’s team work overseas, the system has also made it much simpler for the team to cover annual leave and sickness.

The Schindler team is particularly grateful for the workflow feature, which allows external contributors to create calls and tasks that need to be sequenced, all without interrupting the internal team’s vital processes.

Invevo provided:

  • A complete AR solution
  • Automated workflows
  • World-class support with Invevo's Help Desk
"The ability to hone in on an account, see the client’s full history and quickly review any potential issues is really helpful for me as a manager.
The new solution has saved valuable time for both myself and my team. "
Simon Waldeck, Networking Capital Manager at Schindler Ltd.

Why Invevo

Virtual Workspace

The virtual workspace makes it easy to assign and track tasks, ensuring work is not duplicated and all team members are crystal clear on their responsibilities.


The supportive and responsive nature of the account management team keeps things running smoothly and ensures the process can consistently adapt and improve as the business moves forward.


Automation has ensured Schindler's team can stay efficient, profitable, and error-free have greater visibility of their accounts receivables process, with a clear workflow and simpler reporting system.


"The flexibility of Invevo has allowed the team to pre- programme and change rules where required, ensuring they can adjust as necessary to the needs of their customers and projects." - Simon Waldeck

The Invevo Helpdesk

“Our contacts at Invevo, Ian and Alison, are really thorough. They are even working on some bespoke areas for our system. The Invevo Helpdesk is always incredibly fast and efficient at fixing any issues - not that we have had many! We would definitely recommend Invevo to other accounts receivables teams seeking a new solution.” - Simon Waldeck
“Invevo has provided Schindler with a holistic solution; they can now manage the entire accounts receivables process in one place, no matter where they are based. Reduced reliance on individual members of the team has also ensured a far smoother and more consistent process.”
Richard Moreton, Founder & CEO at Invevo

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