How Invevo Revolutionised Adecco's Shared Service AR Processes

Elisabeth Doppelhofer
Head of Shared Services at Adecco
Elisabeth Doppelhofer

At a Glance

Adecco, the largest recruitment company in the world, was looking to further streamline its accounts receivable process and drive better results.

Since adopting Invevo’s solutions, Adecco now has greater insight into how often it calls clients, as well as its clients’ purchase behaviour.

Invevo generated an annual saving of £1.2m and created a 400% ROI.

Key Metrics

  • £19.97m forecasted in first year with £54.6m collected.
  • 273% collected vs predicted period
  • 30 day DSO reduction
  • Bad debt reduction of 65%
  • Dispute resolution increase of 49%
  • Working Capital improvement of 28%


Adecco's previous solutions in place before Invevo did not provide the business intelligence needed to make smarter decisions and optimise business efficiency. If they could achieve greater visibility over their clients, identifying those that always pay on time and those that require a little more attention, Adecco’s accounts receivable team could ensure they focused their time effectively. With prior systems lacking the level of detail required to achieve this, Invevo’s accounts receivable solution was an obvious and necessary upgrade to the system.


The Adecco team has greater insight into their communication with clients (including frequency), as well as their clients’ behaviour patterns. They also have bespoke reporting capabilities, which enable their team to focus on the clients that need chasing.

Invevo provided:

  • Greater communication with clients
  • Insight into client behaviour patters
  • Real-time credit risk monitoring
"With Invevo, we’ve gained the live credit information and business insight needed to make data-informed decisions, be proactive rather than reactive, deliver money in the bank and keep Adecco ahead of the competition."
Elisabeth Doppelhofer, Head of Shared Services, Adecco UK & Ireland


  1. Greater credit risk management
  2. Real-time reporting
  3. Improvement in dispute resolution through daisy chain workflows

How Invevo Helped

One of Invevo’s integrations informs Adecco immediately if there’s a change in a customer’s credit report. Previously, the team would only have noticed this when reviewing their clients every 6-12 months.

A lot can change in a year, so that live insight enables intelligent processes and decisions to help keep Adecco ahead of the game.

The Future

As the world continues to digitalise, Adecco recognises that it needs to maintain the pace of digital transformation within its own processes. The team understand that they can’t continue running credit the way they did ten years ago (i.e. by calling clients based on spreadsheets).

Today, Adecco's shared service teams across the globe are integrating Invevo to maintain proactive, productive, and competitive practices.

“Invevo has provided Adecco with greater business Intelligence; they can now be proactive rather than reactive with the live reporting and credit information they need to make data-informed decisions.”
Richard Moreton, Founder & CEO at Invevo

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