How Invevo Helped Informa Embrace Long-Term Flexible Working

Anna Morris
Global Process Owner at Informa
Anna Morris

At a Glance

Informa is a FTSE 100 company and leading international intelligence, events and scholarly research group.

Given the impact of the pandemic on working practices, the priority for Informa’s accounts receivables team was to embrace long-term flexible working across all teams worldwide.


With teams in the UK, Singapore, USA and Dubai, the Informa accounts receivables process differed from region to region. In addition, the existing ERP solution did not provide the flexibility the business required in order to extend the standard atomisation across different product types.

As a result, each regional team worked in slightly different ways, making general practices across the company inconsistent. The only common denominator across each of the team’s practices was the use of excel, which is inefficient and extremely time-consuming.

"Our business is unique in that each facet has its own specific requirements. This is simply not something that most solutions are able to cater for. Thankfully, Invevo were happy to take on the challenge of creating a bespoke solution that works for every sector of our business. Now our accounts teams can follow a consistent and easily traceable process regardless of where they’re based or which part of the business they work in."
Anna Morris, GPO, Informa

How Invevo Helped

Put simply, Invevo dramatically changed the game for Informa and its accounts receivables department.

Working closely with the Informa team to ensure

all its challenges were addressed, Invevo built a tailored solution designed to support the entire process from start to finish. The new solution completely removed the need to use excel, providing a central task list from which all local teams could work, and an automated collections process which produced significant efficiency gains.

Having automation at product type level allows for a customer to run through multiple strategies at the same time, which together improved the customers experience and payment behaviour.


  • Provided a complete accounts receivable solution
  • Eliminated the need for Excel
  • Improved customer satisfaction through the Invevo Self-Service Portal

Why Invevo?

The Personal Touch

From the account manager right up to the CEO, Richard Moreton, the Invevo team is always available for a chat. If an urgent issue or query arose during the project (whether pre or post go-live), Invevo’s account management team would be in touch within the hour to solve it.

All Hands on Deck Approach

As Invevo builds each unique solution, they appreciate input from all key stakeholders to ensure the final product is something that works for everyone.

In Informa’s case, they took the time to understand the business, how they operate, and what their unique challenges are so that they could build a system that can overcome them.


The Invevo team are big believers in accountability. They are not afraid to speak up when they feel something could be done differently and their project with Informa was no exception.

The honesty and integrity shown throughout the process ensured that the best outcomes were achieved all-round!

"Informa came to us with issues they felt could not be resolved by any existing accounts receivables solution. Invevo came back with a bespoke solution designed specifically to cater to the needs of each unique sector of their business. It has been a genuine pleasure working with Informa and I look forward to developing the solution as their business grows."
Richard Moreton, Founder & CEO at Invevo

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