How Invevo Introduced City Plumbing to the Future of Accounts Receivables

Allen Marlborough
Head of Credit Management at City Plumbing
Allen Marlborough

At a Glance

City Plumbing is a trade account-focused plumbing and heating supply company based in the UK. The organisation has served tradesmen and women for over 40 years and has established more than 350 branches across the UK.

After analysing its accounts receivables process, City Plumbing found some glaring inefficiencies that it was keen to solve. Having already developed an understanding of Invevo’s capability from previous projects, City Plumbing brought us on board to develop a unique solution that would solve these inefficiencies and improve the overall process.


Working on multiple, outdated system meant that the accounts receivables function at City Plumbing struggled to keep up with the growth and digital transformation of the business.

A lack of automation and highly manual process, dependant on a select group of expert users, often lead to unnecessary process delays.

In addition, the business struggled to understand the root cause of these delays through lack of data analytics.

How Invevo Helped

The Invevo platform allowed the consolidation of multiple, disjointed systems so users and customers were able to access key documents and information in a single view. With the help of our product experts, City Plumbing were able to configure the Invevo platform to meet their unique requirements, standardising process across the accounts receivables division - saving valuable time and improving the team’s overall efficiency.

Automation of the on and off stop process, resulting in no or little manual intervention or time delays. The use of the Invevo customer portal meant that City Plumbing could immediately recognise payments to remove on-stop status and provide a seamless trading experience.


  • Provided a complete AR solution
  • Implemented automated workflow for more efficient processes
  • Supplied a self-service portal for City Plumbing customers
"Thanks to Invevo, we are no longer struggling to force an outdated system to keep up with our changing business needs. The bespoke nature of the solution also means that we are equipped with everything we need to run a more efficient business, without paying for any features we wouldn’t need or use."
Allen Marlborough, Head of Credit Management at City Plumbing

Why Invevo?

A Consolidated Workspace

The virtual workspace makes it easy to assign and track tasks, ensuring work is not duplicated and all team members are crystal clear on their responsibilities.

A World-Class Support Team

The supportive and responsive nature of the account management team keeps things running smoothly and ensures the process can consistently adapt and improve as the business moves forward.

Intelligent Automation

With over 27K active customers and only 30 controllers, automation has ensured the City Plumbing team can stay efficient, profitable, and error-free.

Ultimate Flexibility

The flexibility of the solution has allowed the team to pre- programme and change rules where required, ensuring they can adjust as necessary to the needs of their customers and projects.

Real-Time Reporting

With a full suite of reporting options, including embedded reports for end users, reporting dashboards and data outputs to enhance clients existing data sets; Invevo provides detailed M.I to drive continuous financial improvements.

"Invevo has created a solution that supports City Plumbing’s objective to standardise their workflows across the board. By listening to the unique requirements of their accounts team, we were able to create a system that is as flexible as they are."
Richard Moreton, Founder & CEO at Invevo

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