How Invevo Helped Access Intelligence To Manage Its Workload

Paula Esnal
Credit Control Manager at Access Intelligence
Paula Esnal

At a Glance

Access Intelligence is a technology company that provides SaaS products to more than 3,000 PR, communications and marketing brands around the world. The organisation is based in London, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

In the past, the accounts receivables team at Access Intelligence had difficulties managing their accounts, and were wasting hours of their time by chasing them up manually.

They brought Invevo on board to help manage the process, as well as improve visibility, organise the team and gain greater insights.


Due to the workload and the volume of accounts they were dealing with, the team struggled to handle them all.

A lack of visibility when it came to teams and individual tasks meant they weren’t as organised as they could have been, and data such as credit control information was often stored in multiple places rather than one location, making it difficult to find the right files when needed.

Invevo was onboarded to help streamline operations and help people to manage their workloads.

How Invevo Helped

Since partnering with Invevo, the team at Access Intelligence is more organised, and are able to prioritise their most important tasks.

Thanks to the automated system, they can now get through their whole ledger of accounts each month instead of falling behind.

The automation has also helped staff balance their workloads, which in turn has left them feeling more motivated.

Invevo provided:

  • A complete AR solution
  • Robust intelligent automation
  • An outstanding and easy-to-navigate user experience
"With Invevo’s help, we’ve been able to vastly improve on our existing system. The way we do things is much more efficient and organised now, making workloads much more manageable for the whole team. We’re planning to integrate more of Invevo’s features with our system, and would recommend it to anyone."
Paula Esnal, Credit Control Manager at Access Intelligence

Why Invevo?

Real-time Reporting

Invevo helps Access Intelligence take care of time-consuming tasks like manual and quarterly reports, as well as unlocks the power of data, providing data analysis for different buckets.

‍Consolidation of Systems

The automated systems have made it easier to speed up processes and balance workloads, which in turn has boosted employees’ morale.

Intelligent Automation

The automated systems have made it easier to speed up processes and balance workloads, which in turn has boosted employees’ morale.


With more visibility, staff are more organised and able to prioritise certain tasks. The ability to easily monitor and keep track of key performance indicators has also made them more motivated.


Invevo’s system is user-friendly and intuitive - it’s important to us that customers like Access Intelligence have all the information they want right at their fingertips, whenever they might need to access it.

"Access Intelligence understands the importance of continuing to streamline its processes to stay on its journey of digital transformation to drive greater efficiency. Access Intelligence is so pleased with its current service from Invevo that it plans on integrating new modules which help improve customer payment options and reduce costs."
Richard Moreton, Founder & CEO at Invevo

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