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Credit Controllers: Get Paid Quicker with Invevo

Invevo explores how Credit Controllers can improve their Accounts Receivable process
Megan Courtenay
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Credit Controllers: So You Want to Get Paid Quicker?

As a credit controller, your role is crucial to maintaining the financial health of your company. Ensuring that your organisation receives payments from customers in a timely and efficient manner is key. However, managing the payment collection process can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if done manually.

Fortunately, you can streamline this process and enhance your accounts receivable lifecycle by implementing an AR management platform like Invevo, designed to orchestrate the receivables process.

Here's how Invevo can transform your credit control operations:

Automated Invoicing

Invevo's automated invoicing saves time, reduces errors, and accelerates the invoicing process. By automating invoices, you can ensure they are sent out promptly and accurately, helping to decrease late payments and boost cash flow.

Automatic Payment Reminders

Invevo's automatic payment reminders reduce late payments by notifying customers of their outstanding balances. This improves cash flow and minimises the need for manual follow-ups with customers.

These reminders enhance customer relationships by providing a helpful and convenient service, and informing customers of their payment obligations. Implementing this feature saves time and increases the efficiency of your payment collection process.

Real-time Reporting Dashboards

Invevo's real-time reporting dashboards offer up-to-date information on your payment collection process. With instant access to data on outstanding invoices, you can swiftly identify and resolve any issues or delays in the payment process.

Improved cash flow and reduced risk of late payments are just some of the benefits of having real-time insights. Additionally, these dashboards help identify trends and patterns, informing future strategies and boosting overall efficiency.

Online Payment Processing

Invevo's online payment processing accelerates the payment collection process by offering customers an easy way to pay their invoices. This feature shortens the time it takes to receive payment, enhances cash flow, and minimises late payments.

By providing fast and convenient payment options, customer satisfaction is also improved.

Reporting and Analytics

Invevo's reporting and analytics tools empower credit controllers to identify trends and patterns in customer behaviour and assess the effectiveness of different payment collection strategies.

These insights help pinpoint areas for improvement in the payment collection process, such as high rates of late payment or disputes. By utilising Invevo's A/R management platform, credit controllers can revolutionise their payment collection process and transform their accounts receivable operations.

As a credit controller, you play a vital role in managing your company's financial activities, including accounting, reporting, and ensuring compliance. You know firsthand how complex and demanding your job can be, especially when dealing with manual data entry, inefficient processes, and time-consuming follow-ups. That's where a tool like Invevo comes in – designed to streamline and automate your tasks, so you can focus on making strategic financial decisions and improving your company's overall financial health.

Don't let inefficient processes hold back your credit control success. Discover how Invevo can revolutionise your accounts receivable operations and boost your team's performance. Book a demo today with our experts, and experience first-hand how Invevo's cutting-edge features can transform your credit control operations. Click here to secure your spot and unlock the full potential of your credit team!

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