What We Do

Invevo is the World’s Most Powerful Accounts Receivable Platform

Credit Risk Management Automation

Monitor and manage every customer's credit risk

Track every customer's credit risk in real-time and automate decisions to manage credit exposure.

Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring

Download credit reports to get full visibility of customers financial accounts.

Revise credit limits to manage exposure levels based on real time credit risk alerts

Order Block Management

Make real time order block decisions based on available credit, risk and overdue receivables.

Segment customers into groups such as key customers to ensure that you maintain continuous service delivery.

Set credit limit alerts when thresh-holds are being hit to make pre-emptive decisions to prevent unnecessary order block.


Give users credit limit approval permissions to ensure that credit limit changes are governed correctly.

Present on screen risk, payment and sales trends to assist users when making manual credit limit decisions.

Control credit limit approvals through approval gateways.

Receivables Automation

Automate 80% of your receivables with Invevo

A workflow engine that enables you to configure any combination of workflow processes with automated communications to increase cash collection performance and reduce risk.

Customisable Workflows

Improve collection performance by configuring workflows and measuring customer payment behaviours.

Segment customers into risk profile and behavioural groups to increase automation and focus users on value enhanced tasks.

Automated Email, SMS, Post, Phone

Fully integrated communication suite so that your users can communicate using all channels from the Invevo desktop.

Branded communications in any language delivered directly to your customers through their preferred communication method.

Customer Payment Portal

Provide your customers with a self-service portal that so that they can make payments and manage their account online.

Collections and
Disputes Management

Improve user collection performance and dispute resolution time

Powered by our receivables automation, the Invevo platform provides users with a tailored workspace to complete prioritised collection and dispute resolution tasks.


Real Time data rich dashboards that display key tasks for users to complete with performance trends and KPI’s.


Integrated task management feature that presents users with a prioritised list of key actions for completion. Track task completion performance to ensure that users meet performance KPI’s.

Automated Assignment and Escalations

Automatically assign tasks to users within user roles and escalate if tasks are not completed within your internal SLA’s.