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Invevo and CICM Forge an Exciting Partnership for Credit Management Transformation

Invevo explores its new partnership with the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM)
Megan Courtenay
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We’re thrilled to announce that we are now proud corporate partners with the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM), a significant milestone in our mission to transform the world of credit management.

This collaboration marks a pivotal step in our mission to revolutionise the world of finance. Invevo stands at the forefront of innovative financial process management and this collaboration brings together two entities dedicated to reshaping credit management operations.

Unlocking the Potential

Our partnership with CICM represents a remarkable opportunity for us to demonstrate to their members the innovative technology at their disposal, as well as to delve into the best practices that have propelled some of our clients to exceptional success.

The CICM’s dedication to excellence in credit management education and industry best practices sets the stage for Invevo’s exciting collaborative knowledge-sharing across the industry.

Whether you're an experienced credit manager or an seasoned industry leader, Invevo is dedicated to enriching your expertise. Our partnership offers exclusive access to premium industry insights and thought leadership pieces tailored to your level of experience.

The recognition of Adecco, one of our valued clients, as a CICM Centre of Excellence, offers members access to valuable insights into their recipe for success with Invevo and explore what has catapulted Adecco to financial excellence.

At Invevo, we champion innovation and user-friendly solutions. Our collaboration with the CICM illustrates our dedication to delivering excellence in credit management. We are committed to making our platform and pioneering resources tailored to the specific requirements of credit managers.

Partnership Aspirations

The blueprint for our partnership is built on the foundation of delivering valuable assets to CICM members, including White Papers, eBooks, Blog Posts, and exclusive access to collaborative events.

These initiatives are crafted with a sole mission: to educate credit professionals on best practices in credit management and how to harness technology for optimising the collections lifecycle through streamlined credit risk management, workflow automation, and dispute resolution.

As mentioned, our partnership goes beyond written resources. We’re providing CICM members with the opportunity to attend collaborative events, where they can interact with peers and experts in the field.  We expect these sessions to be the catalysts for sharing innovative ideas, forging strategic partnerships, and unveiling revolutionary solutions that drive success for working capital management.

Invevo is here to shatter the status quo. We believe that credit managers have not fully explored the depths and benefits of a technology partnership and this partnership allows us to demonstrate why your business operations need to break free from outdated norms and embrace change with powerful technology available at your fingertips.

We strive to educate credit managers about how to access the ultimate insights you need to excel. We’ll be showcasing our platform that allows you to monitor and evaluate the performance of your team with precision, ensuring that your operations are running at peak efficiency. Effortlessly track key metrics that matter most to your organisation, providing you with the tools to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Richard Moreton - Invevo CEO: “Having been a part of the credit management world for most of my life, I am proud to announce Invevo’s partnership with the CICM. The CICM has always been a lighthouse of valuable knowledge and information for its members and now our team looks to heavily contribute to continuing that mission."
Damian Pickett - Invevo Head of Marketing: “I am particularly thrilled about this partnership as it gives Invevo a brilliant opportunity to give back to the credit management community through the CICM’s vast membership base. We look forward to working alongside the great CICM team to provide value and education.”

About Us

Invevo transcends the realm of conventional accounts receivable tools. We are trailblazers, uniting modern technology with back office efficiency.

Our platform is a fully integrated, cloud-based provider of credit management and accounts receivable automation solutions. We offer dynamic features that optimise operational efficiency and elevate cash performance.

With our cloud technology and machine learning, we are spearheading the evolution of order-to-cash, empowering businesses to digitally transform their financial operations through intelligent automation, real-time reporting dashboards, and big data consolidation.

Our ultimate goal is to consolidate all your financial operations within Invevo to optimise working capital and enable your team to be more productive.

About the CICM

The Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) is the largest recognised professional body in the world for the credit management community.

They pride themselves in setting the highest standards and offer a comprehensive range of training and Ofqual regulated qualifications that have become the recognised standard in the credit profession.

To delve deeper into the Invevo and CICM partnership, please visit the CICM website. Stay tuned for updates on our website, and join us on this transformative journey where credit management converges with innovation and excellence.

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