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Invevo Workflow


Automation made easy


Reduced Operational Costs


Quick ROI

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Integrate with any ERP

Our workflows can be implemented across your entire customer base to automate processes throughout your customer lifecycle.

What does this mean for you?

Automating decisions throughout your workflow can increase operational efficiency and allow you to gain greater control over your business processes.

Invevo Workflow helps businesses deliver


  • We provide unlimited automation to ensure all potential efficiencies can be maximized
  • Channels include email, SMS, postal and portal in any language
  • Workflow actions can be triggered by scores and/or data changes, ensuring the correct decision is made in real-time

Business Controls

  • We provide a full audit of workflow outcomes
  • The reporting dashboard gives you a real-time view of the customers' financial position
  • User roles and permissions control who can make key customer changes
  • Only your selected user admin can set up, edit and configure workflows

Improved Efficiencies

  • By consulting you every step of the way, we can ensure your automation are set up at the right time and via the right channels
  • Increased automation can avoid unnecessary customer interactions and prevent  miscommunication
  • Manual tasks such as data entering can be automated to improve efficiency and save valuable time
  • Less room for human error means a better experience for your customers, which means a better NPS for your business

A workflow engine that enables you to configure and automate any combination of workflow processes.


Preview results with visualized workflow outputs.


A user role and permissions structure so that you can configure approval levels to make credit decisions and assign tasks to users.


Multi-Language/Multi-Currency supporting global operations in your customers and users preferred language


Repayment plans to manage and monitor scheduled payments.


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