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Invevo Connect


All your communication tools in one place


Rapid ROI

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Quick Set-Up

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Easy to Use

Our cloud communications package encompasses one-click VOIP, email, SMS and tasks to provide a complete solution for all your business communications needs.

What does this mean for you?

Increased productivity, reduced costs, and better support for employees working remotely.

Our end-to-end communications package enables you to consolidate all your communication within a single platform.

Invevo Connect helps business deliver

Reduced Costs

  • We provide fully integrated communications at market leading prices
  • Our package allows you to consolidate all your communications spend onto one platform, reducing the time and money you spend meeting your business needs
  • Thanks to the cloud, your employees can work from anywhere, reducing operational costs associated with office working

Remote Working Capabilities

  • Your employees can communicate with both internal and external contacts from any device, making “work from anywhere” a reality
  • Real-time insights into user activities allow you complete control over your workforce, wherever they are working
  • Our platform supports multiple languages, ensuring global teams can work efficiently and seamlessly together

Increased Productivity

  • Performance dashboards provide insights into user productivity
  • Self-service capabilities across devices improve your customer’s experience and reduce the need for your customer’s to speak directly to users
  • A consolidated workspace improves your users' productivity
  • Store a record of every communication sent by users to track follow-up and productivity
  • One communications platform allows you to send mass communications, saving time and money in both internal and external communications

Global Postal Integration creating and delivering your postal communications faster and cheaper through a global distribution network.


Integrated SMS that enables users to deliver SMS communications to customers in one click.


Integrated VoIP to give your users a single workspace whithin the Invevo system to make calls from anywhere.


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