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Invevo Assess


Get more from your credit and risk data


Improve Cash Flow


Automate Credit Decisions


Reduce the risk of credit default

Our unique data integration with Experian creates an automated workflow across your entire customer base. With Invevo, your customer base is updated every single day, so you can track credit risk in real-time.

What does this mean for you?

Never miss an important credit data change that may impact your customer’s ability to pay. We help you work smarter, not harder, by replacing monthly and quarterly manual reviews with automated daily decisions!

Invevo Assess helps business deliver

Collections and DSO Enhancements

  • Our risk segmented collection strategies help you drive more targeted actions
  • Increase efficiency through automation and the removal of unnecessary user tasks
  • Risk changes daily and that's why we dynamically update your collections strategy
  • Understand your financial performance with a 360-degree view of your customer portfolio

Risk Monitoring to Minimise Bad Debt & Slow Payment

  • Don’t get caught short! We automate credit limit reduction if your customer is at risk of default
  • We target high risk customers for collection to make sure they pay on time
  • Keep track of your cash collection performance by using Experian's cash flow score as a benchmark
  • Set credit limits at a parent level to manage group account credit exposure

Sales Growth and Customer Retention

  • Drive sales growth by automating credit limit increases based on customers spending and payment behaviour
  • Our intelligent order block management removes unnecessary sales blocks so you don’t have to
  • Less room for human error means a better experience for your customers, which means a better NPS for your business
  • We provide max credit limit recommendations to encourage primary supplier status

A risk management module with real time updates from Experian enabling risk-based collection strategies reducing bad debt risk and increasing credit availability, where possible.

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Scorecards integrated within your workflow configuration that enables you to score and prioritise every automated decision.

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Integrated reports gives an on screen view of your customers financial data.

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An Automated credit limit monitor that will track, score and change customer trading limits.

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Order management to make real-time trade decisions at order, transaction and customer level.

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Audit capabilities that keep a record of every change made by a user or automated action.

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