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Senior Software Engineer
Odorheiu Secuiesc, HR, Romania

The Role


We are looking for Software Engineers to come in and work within our highly skilled engineering team.

The business is driven by innovation and is an exciting place to work so applying for this role you should be equally driven and should also be able to display passion for software development,

Contract Type - Permanent

Department - Engineering

Hours - 9.00-5.30

Location - Romania/Remote

Reports To - CTO

Salary - €65k


How We Work


  • Functional Programming with Kotlin, for code that is easier to reason about 
  • A system built as Microservices, orchestrated via Kubernetes and hosted in Azure 
  • Domain-Driven Design, to partition services into Bounded Contexts 
  • An Event-Driven Architecture with Kafka, enabling an Event Sourcing approach 
  • An infrastructure built automatically via Terraform
  • A modern Micro-Frontend website built with React
  • Continuous Deployment, to release changes daily 
  • Small, cross-functional, DevOps teams working with Pair Programming 
  • A focus on Automation to reduce Cycle Time 
  • A focus on Stability through TDD, Observability and Alerting 
  • A philosophy of KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!)


Experience and professional Qualifications Required

  • Is an expert in either Event-Driven Architectures or Microservices
  • Is an expert in modern Object-Oriented or Functional Programming
  • Produces high-quality code 
  • Works well in a team, guiding and collaborating with other engineers 
  • Is open-minded to new ideas and approaches


Skills Required

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good time management and accuracy
  • Willingness to learn
  • Flexible to change
  • Ability to build working relationships quickly
  • Responds well to challenges


Travel Required

  • Romanian Office
  • Remote
  • Manchester Office (dev meet-ups travel paid by the company)


About Invevo?

At Invevo we develop and license a cutting-edge event driven SAAS financial CRM that enables some of the world’s largest businesses to increase revenue, control risk, reduce costs and manage customers through smart, data driven automation.

We care about technology and about delivering an excellent experience for our users. We believe the only way to do that is to hire the best people, those who are smart, collaborative, and eager to learn.

We help people grow, develop, dream and achieve.

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